Origami Boxes Delight

I continued to make more boxes designed by Tomoko Fuse.

I found this old Tomoko Fuse book on ebay and bought it at a great price. As usual, the diagrams are brilliant and very easy to follow. The designs are elegant and the boxes are pretty solid. I’m pleased to learn more new designs by Tomoko Fuse. Always my favourite.

Tomoko Fuse origami boxes


In Love with Tomoko Fuse Boxes

I’ve made some delightful Tomoko Fuse boxes in the past few days, and this afternoon on the train to London.

The models are from her book in 2007, Origami of Wrapping and Boxes.

The book covers boxes (square, triangular), and gifts including envelopes, pouches, and decorations.

These are the boxes that I folded, with a few varieties on the lids.

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An Origami card inspired by Rio 2016 Olympics

Ten days ago, Singapore’s Joseph Schooling, dubbed “The Flying Fish”, won the first ever Olymic gold medal for Singapore.

The 21-year-old Singaporean defeated his childhood idol, American Michael Phelps, in the 100m butterfly swimming race, also setting an Olympic record time of 50.39 seconds.

Most of my family are in Singapore, so I made these origami to celebrate with them.

The national flag of Singapore, and 3 fish. Folded by Janet Williams.
The national flag of Singapore, and 3 fish on a card.

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Creating Origami Cards

I walked past an art shop two days ago in Winchester. It is holding some sort of ‘card competition’ to celebrate summer.

The shop does not say whether there will be prizes, but prizes do not really matter. I think all participants’ cards will be displayed in the shop window. This opportunity gave me an inspiration to make a few origami and turn them into cards (I have never entered any card competition before.)

To enter, I paid 50p for each blank card, and the money goes towards a local charity.

Here are the 4 cards I’ve created. The deadline is tomorrow, and I’ll hand them to the shop.

I’ll let you know the outcome at some point!

I’ve had fun creating these origami cards. I’m also amazed by the endless possibilities you could have for sharing joy with origami.

The first card is a single crane wearing the Union Jack design. I attached the famous saying “I will write peace on your wings, and you will fly all over the world” by the little Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki, underneath the crane. This saying has sweetly summarised what origami is for, love, peace, freedom.

UK flag origami crane on card made by Janet Williams. Attached on the card is the message: "I will write "peace" on your wings, and you will fly all over the world" by Sadako Sasaki.

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Thank you – Fond memories that spark joy

Today I’ve left my job after three and a half years. I’ll be back to university to study after the summer.

I’ve made many origami flowers before – lilies and lotus are my favourite.

Origami flowers, lotus and lily, folded by Janet Williams.
Handmade origami flowers – lotus and lily.

Today I received real flowers from my beautiful colleagues. I’m privileged to have worked with these amazing colleagues. They are always kind, helpful, and dedicated. We’ve worked as a team and done the work that matters to us most – supporting youngsters to give them the best chance in life.

Toynbee parting gifts - pretty flowers from colleagues.
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God Save the Queen

Happy Birthday to Her Majesty.

Yesterday I folded a few cranes with flag designs, as a way to sing Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II for her glorious 90th birthday.

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